Description Difficulty Duration General
Chacchoben Tour DISCOVER THE MAYAN RUINS OF CHACCHOBEN! – A certified guide will take you in a small group through this ancient city, explaining the temples, pyramids and mysteries of the Mayan civilization. Moderate Activity 3 Hours Limited Capacity Sight-seeing Excursions Infants Free

Coral Reef Snorkeling COSTA MAYA IS AN EXCELLENT CHOICE FOR SNORKELING because the barrier reef here creates a natural aquarium. Moderate Activity 1 Hour Limited Capacity Water Activity

Golf Cart Rentals A GOLF CART IS THE PERFECT WAY TO GET AROUND COSTA MAYA. With over 6 years renting carts, we know service makes a difference. Book in advance and you will enjoy the benefits of port pickup, well-maintained carts, patrol vehicle and local discounts. Easy Activity All Day Limited Capacity Sight-seeing Excursions

Kohunlich KOHUNLICH IS THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN MEXICO! - If you are looking for a recommendation on how to spend a day in Costa Maya, this is it! Moderate Activity 5.5 Hours Limited Capacity Sight-seeing Excursions Water Activity Infants Free

Scuba Diving DIVE THE GREAT MAYAN REEF AND BEYOND! - Considered to be among the best diving areas in the world, this is a must do, can't miss opportunity. Choose from among shallow water, deep water, wreck or reef dives. Extreme Activity 1.5 - 3 Hrs Certified Divers only Limited Capacity Water Activity Adults Only

The Marlin 4 Hours Enter a brief description here Easy Activity 4 Hours

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