Chacchoben Tour

DISCOVER CHACCHOBEN MAYAN RUINS! - Enjoy the comfort of an air conditioned transport as you voyage back to 200 BC and the awesome Mayan city of Chacchoben (chawk-choe-ben).

We offer a personalizad service to maximize your experience. A certified guide will take you in a small group through this ancient city, explaining the temples, pyramids and mysteries of the Mayan civilization. For many years, this historic site lay silent, covered in vegetation and known only to local farmers. Now Chacchoben, whose name means "red corn", is the number one tour choice for visitors to Costa Maya.

Since Chacchoben is located deep in the jungle about 45 minutes from the coast, you will also get to see and learn about the plants and animals of the area. Here you will find magnificent trees and many species of exotic birds. Depending on the season you may also find mosquitos, so bug repellent is recommended.

History of Chacchoben: It is speculated that the first inhabitants of the Costa Maya region settled here during the late Pre-Classic period, 200 years before Christ. Nevertheless, it wasn't until the early Classic period (200-600 AD) when monuments began to be developed and the main governmental buildings were built. During the subsequent period, the establishment continued to be inhabited, and construction decreased around the year 700, culminating later with its virtual abandonment. According to fragments of efigies that have been recovered, it was again populated, although only partially, during the post-classic period (900-1519 AD).


Tour includes:

  • Roundtrip transportation from the village to Chacchoben and back to the ship
  • Certified bi-lingual guide
  • Traveler's insurance
  • Cold Drinks
  • Certified drivers
  • Entrance to the park

What to bring: A hat, camera, and sun screen

Total tour time: 3 Hours - 1.5 hours in the park, 45 minutes transportation each way

National Institute of Archeology and History Regulations on Camera Usage:

  • Personal hand-held cameras are permitted at the ruins
  • Video camera usage requires a government user fee of $5
  • Tripods and professional video cameras are prohibited

For general information about reservations, meeting point, cancellation and refund policies please refer to our FAQ's page.



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Chacchoben Tour

Chacchoben Tour
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